About the Sauna

First visit to a sauna?  Maybe nervous, or got loads of questions?


There's honestly no need to worry.  Every day we get asked questions like:


  • I'm young and inexperienced, will I be safe?
  • Will anyone show me around?
  • I'm bigger and hairy, will I fit in?
  • I'm an older guy, will I be welcome and get some action?
  • And many other similar questions.


The answers to all of these questions are very simple.  Once inside the building, you'll be greeted by our very friendly staff who will make sure you know where everything is.  The venue is modern, clean, and well presented, plus we provide condoms and lube FREE for all of our customers courtesy of THT South.


As people cruise each other, body language lets others know what you want, AND what you DON'T want.  You will be safe at all times, and won't be pushed into anything you don't want to do.  Some even just come for the facilities, and nothing more.


And no matter what size, age or type you are, this is a no-attitude venue where everyone fits in, and you'll find that in a very short time, you'll feel comfortable and relaxed.


And our staff are always on hand to give advice and help look after you.


We promise you won't regret a visit to a sauna for Men, and you can't start at a better place than ours.  So be brave, take the plunge, and come along to see us.  You won't regret it! Or call and speak to one of our friendly staff for further advice.